About Us

Historically, hard-to-access and non-standardized water data has meant that California water users and public agencies encounter both data redundancies and gaps when trying to make confident, informed decisions today, and for the future. The California Water Data Consortium serves as a neutral space that facilitates collaboration and sustained engagement across public, private, and nonprofit sectors to improve the data lifecycle and increase access to high quality, comprehensive and interoperable data available to inform water decision-making at every level of government.

Based on the Advisory Council’s recommendations, the Consortium’s programmatic priorities include:

  • Developing protocols for streamlined data reporting to state agencies, that reduce reporting redundancies and increase reporting transparency and efficiency and make recommendations to state agencies;
  • Ensuring the Partner Agency Team has an easy, organized way to solicit ideas and feedback;
  • Pooling and aligning funds to help California achieve its open water data goals;
  • Increasing shared knowledge and shaping data collaborations to tackle California’s most pressing water challenges.

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